Predictions Mobile DevOps 2023

Duration: 1 Hour

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About this webinar

What’s in store for mobile app development in 2023 and beyond? Find out at our Mobile DevOps 2023 Predictions webinar on-demand. We’ll take a closer look at the upcoming Mobile DevOps trends and game-changers for 2023.

Our panel of industry leaders and visionaries will explore the latest trends and newest technologies that will power the apps of tomorrow. Our panel of experts will include engineering leads from Dyson, eBay and more. Together they will speculate on what the future of mobile may look like and the growing importance of implementing Mobile DevOps into organizations.

We’ll dig deeper into:

  • How DevSecOps and shift-left security practices can speed up release cadences
  • How to optimize development costs and hire Mobile DevOps Engineers
  • How to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion in Mobile CI/CD workflows
  • How mobile teams can stay ahead of the growing competition

Meet our speakers

Jane McKay

Senior Software Engineering Manager, @Dyson

Currently leading the Dyson mobile app engineering scrum teams, with a background in Engineering Productivity, Mobile Test Automation, and Test Management..

Wyatt Webb

Director of Native Platform Engineering, @eBay

Wyatt has been building consumer targeted software for over 30 years. He has primarily been an iOS developer and leader since the App Store opened. He currently leads the Native Platform Engineering team at eBay.

Scott Campagna

Mobile Development/Delivery Expert

Scott has been on teams building mobile apps for over a decade. His goal is to be a positive advocate for the products and people he works with. He loves mobile application development and solving problems, and more importantly, working with teams and empowering people to learn, grow and create amazing products.

He likes to roll up his sleeves and wear a lot of hats, and does his best to be flexible to empower people rather than trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

Damien Murphy

Solutions Architect, @Bitrise

Damien is an experienced Mobile Developer, Entrepreneur & Innovator with over 15 years of mobile development experience. Damien has worked on hundreds of mobile apps leveraging cutting edge technologies and has built enterprise apps for Smart Glasses & Wearables.

Damien has embraced Mobile DevOps for both rapid prototyping and enterprise apps which has enabled him to focus on building great apps, faster. 

What we’ll explore

  • Top 5 Mobile DevOps trends to follow in 2023
  • What the future of Mobile DevOps looks like
  • How Mobile DevOps has transformed in the past decade
  • Predictions for the future, trends, priorities, and challenges for Mobile DevOps in 2023

Who should attend

  • Mobile engineers
  • Mobile engineering managers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Members of the DevOps community

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