Revolutionizing Mobile Development: Unveiling the Future of Mobile DevOps

Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A

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About this webinar

Watch this 1-hour webinar as hosts Daniel and Viktor, two of Bitrises' Co-founders, delve into the dynamic world of Mobile DevOps and its transformative impact on the mobile development landscape. With their extensive experience as CSO and CTO respectively, Dani and Viktor will share their visionary insights on how to reshape your mobile development strategies for unprecedented success.

Webinar Highlights:

  1. Unlocking Mobile DevOps Potential: Dive into the minds of the visionaries behind Bitrise and learn about the journey that inspired the creation of the leading Mobile DevOps Platform. Gain a profound understanding of why this innovative approach is poised to redefine the future of mobile app development.
  2. Elevating Efficiency with Cutting-edge Tools: Explore how Bitrise has revolutionized mobile development with its advanced suite of tools. Discover Bitrises' latest Automated Release Management tool, harness the power of Build and Test Caching options and gain insights through their transformative Insights solution. Learn how these features are designed to streamline workflows, accelerate releases, and bolster your app development process.
  3. Maximizing Returns, Minimizing Costs: Join the conversation as Dani and Viktor elaborate on the quantifiable benefits that a Mobile DevOps Platform can deliver. Learn how implementing the right strategies can amplify your revenue and profitability, reduce development expenditures, and enhance your competitive edge.
  4. Live Q&A Session: Engage directly with the Co-founders in a live interactive session. Pose your questions, share your insights, and gain valuable perspectives from these industry leaders.
  5. Exclusive Recording: Can't make it to the live session? Don't worry! The entire webinar will be recorded for your convenience. Register to ensure you receive the recording and can access these transformative insights at your leisure.

Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the Mobile DevOps revolution. Whether you're an app developer, an engineering leader, or a CTO interested in the latest trends in technology, this webinar promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools to supercharge your mobile development endeavors.

Meet our speakers

Daniel Balla- CSO & Co-founder

Daniel, together with Barnabas Birmacher and Viktor Benei, founded Bitrise back in 2014. He started off as a graphic designer back then. Later, he transitioned to product, and since 2017 he’s been working on scaling Bitrise's Product Management, Design & UX teams as the company’s Chief Product Officer. He also led the acquisition of Flare Build Systems in 2022.

Viktor Benei - CTO & Co-founder

Viktor Benei is the Co-Founder and the CTO at Bitrise. Viktor was previously the CTO and Co-founder at Bitfall, where he developed iOS applications and submitted them to the Apple AppStore.