Set up UI tests in minutes with Maestro and Bitrise

Duration: 1 hour including Q&A

Join us for an in-depth look at how to effectively scale Mobile testing for your Mobile apps using Maestro, the new open-source Mobile UI testing framework from mobile.dev and Bitrise.

Dima, the co-author of Maestro from mobile.dev, and Moataz, a Developer Advocate from Bitrise will explore the key benefits of using these tools for continuous testing and how they can help you achieve efficient and reliable results.

Whether you're new to Mobile testing or looking to improve your existing processes, this webinar is a must-attend event for anyone looking to streamline their mobile development workflow and ensure high-quality releases.

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About this webinar

As Mobile app development continues to grow in popularity and complexity, testing at scale becomes increasingly important. The need for efficient and reliable testing solutions is greater than ever, and that's where Maestro and Bitrise come in. These powerful tools provide a comprehensive solution for the Continuous Testing of Mobile apps, making it easier than ever to scale testing efforts and ensure high-quality releases.

Our experts will take a deep dive into the key benefits of using Maestro and Bitrise, including improved efficiency, reliable results, and streamlined workflows. You'll discover how to integrate Maestro and Bitrise to ensure seamless testing at every stage of the development process.

Meet our speakers

Dima Zaytzev

Co-author of Maestro, @mobile.dev

Dima is an Uber alumni with years of expertise in mobile development and a passion for open-source and improving the lives of other developers.

Moataz Nabil

Developer Advocate, @Bitrise

Moataz is a Developer Advocate at Bitrise, where he assists mobile engineers in developing fast, dependable, and secure mobile apps. Moataz has over 12 years of testing and development experience in industries such as agriculture, telecommunications, healthcare, fashion, and food delivery.

What you’ll learn

  • The importance of testing in Mobile app development
  • Shift-left testing in Mobile apps
  • How to get started with Maestro, the new UI framework for Mobile app testing
  • The benefits of CI/CD for Mobile app development
  • How Maestro and Bitrise can help you with the Continuous Testing of Mobile apps
  • How to Scale up UI tests with Bitrise and Maestro
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Who should attend

  • Mobile Engineers

  • Mobile Engineering Managers

  • DevOps Engineers

  • Members of the DevOps community

  • QA Engineers

  • Test Automation Engineers

  • Software Engineers in Test