Bazel for Android? Why and How.

Date: 29th May, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM EDT(18:00PM CEST)

Duration: 30 Minutes

Join us for a candid interview with Pavlo Stavytskyi, Sr. Staff Engineer at Turo and creator of the Airin migration tool, about his experience with Bazel for Android builds. Bazel is a multi-language build system known for its correctness and speed. Discover Pavlo’s firsthand experience migrating Turo’s Android app to Bazel, including the real-world benefits and drawbacks. We'll delve into how he determined it was the right time to switch, the learning curve involved, and how the Bazel experience compares to Gradle. You’ll come away with a perspective that you can apply to your own team's approach to Android builds.

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About this webinar

Gradle is the official build system for Android projects, performing admirably for most teams. The decision to use an alternative build system has profound consequences for developer experience and the overall success of your project. In this Q&A session, Bitrise and Pavlo will discuss the real-world pros and cons when choosing your Android build system.

Meet our speakers

Pavlo Stavytskyi

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Turo

Ben Boral

Solutions Engineering Team Lead at Bitrise

What you’ll learn

  • Real-world benefits and pitfalls of adopting Bazel for Android
  • The inputs that go into the decision to change build systems
  • The state of plugin support for Android in the Bazel ecosystem
  • How to access the collective wisdom of the Bazel for Android community and helpful tools

Who should attend

  • Mobile platform engineers
  • Mobile architects and developers
  • Engineering leaders
  • Bazel users interested in supporting Android