Masters of Efficiency:
50+ Workflow Recipes for Peak Performance

The difference between good and great can hinge on the efficiency of your workflow. This is why Bitrise brings you these 50+ workflow recipes designed to speed up your mobile projects and improve performance.

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Why download this Guide?

  • Over 50 workflow recipes: Meticulously curated workflow recipes tailored for mobile development and DevOps professionals. This guide has everything from continuous integration and delivery to automated testing and infrastructure as code.
  • Practical for all levels: Whether you're refining existing projects or starting anew, our mix of modular and fully backed plug-and-play workflows offers unparalleled adaptability and efficiency.
  • Modular and complete workflows: Adapt these workflows to fit your projects, making your development process faster and more reliable.

Guide Features

  • Chapter-by-chapter mastery: Progress through the stages of Mobile DevOps, from setting up and preparation to the final deployment, mastering each phase with precision.
  • Flexibility in implementation: With our dual-nature recipes, integrate what works best into your workflow, whether it’s a specific enhancement or a comprehensive, ready-to-go solution.
  • Up-to-date practices: While our recipes are crafted for immediate application, they also encourage ongoing updates for lasting relevance and performance.

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