DevOps and Security Best Practices: Digital Mobile Banking Apps

On-Demand Webinar

Duration: 55 Minutes

 This webinar will dive deep into the intersection of development operations (DevOps) and security protocols, unveiling the best practices essential for deploying and maintaining secure financial mobile applications.

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About this webinar

Join Bitrise and Appdome for an insightful exploration into the world of DevOps and Security in the realm of mobile banking apps.  You'll hear from our panel of experts who will help you revolutionize your approach to mobile app development and security. 

Meet our speakers

Marcus Deurod

FIS Security Compliance, Risk, Project Management

Jesse Lavallee

FIS Agile Product Owner Specialist

Madré Roothman

Bitrise Product Marketing Manager

Karen Hsu

Appdome SVP Mobile DevOps, and Security

What you’ll learn

  • Explore how the integration of DevOps methodologies streamlines mobile app development processes, fostering agility and innovation.
  • Uncover the pressing security challenges inherent in digital banking mobile apps and strategies to mitigate risks effectively.
  • Discover the symbiotic relationship between security and DevOps, and learn how to seamlessly integrate security measures into the development pipeline.
  • Acquire actionable insights and proven strategies for implementing DevOps and security best practices tailored to the unique demands of digital banking applications.

Who should attend

  • Mobile App Developers & DevOps Engineers

  • Security Professionals

  • Digital Banking Innovators

  • Anyone interested in enhancing the security and efficiency of mobile banking applications