Hybrid vs. Native Apps - How to make the right choice for your team

Duration: 45 Minutes

Watch now, for an insightful webinar brought to you by Bitrise and Embrace. We dive into the contrasting approaches of hybrid and native mobile app development. Whether you're launching your inaugural application or celebrating your 100th, this discussion will illuminate the unique benefits and challenges of both approaches. Our esteemed panel will provide guidance on selecting the optimal path for your organization as you scale your mobile teams. Embrace this opportunity to foster your knowledge and make a conscious decision as you steer your organization's technological journey.

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About this webinar

Ready to scale your mobile teams? Let our panel of experts guide you through the world of Hybrid and Native apps! Join us, along with our partners at Bitrise and Embrace, for this unmissable journey. Get ready to make informed decisions for your organization. 

Meet our speakers

David Rifkin

Developer Relations at Embrace

Donny Wals

iOS Engineer, Author and Speaker

Stephen Ochs

Head of Demand Generation, @Bitrise

Adam Shott

Director of Engineering, App Platforms at the New York Times

What you’ll learn

  • Building towards the end goal, what is your app intended to accomplish
  • Choosing an approach that increases efficiency, and scales to the future
  • Pros and Cons of using Hybrid or Native principles

Who should attend

  • Mobile App Developers & DevOps Engineers
  • Mobile Architects
  • Mobile Innovators
  • Anyone interested in learning the latest pros and cons in choosing a Hybrid or Native development approach