Bitrise Insights: Optimize your CI/CD workflows

When it comes to developing mobile applications, developers frequently face a maze of challenges that can obstruct the path to a successful release. A lack of full observability into the mobile app development process (Mobile DevOps) can result in developers losing not just hours, but potentially hundreds of hours to bottlenecks and troubleshooting.

Enter Bitrise Insights – your one hub for CI/CD analytics. Deeply woven into the Bitrise CI/CD platform, Bitrise Insights serves as a comprehensive solution for all your Mobile DevOps needs. With it, you’re a step closer to having all your Mobile DevOps needs housed under a single hood.

Our data sheet will provide insights, solutions, and comparative analysis to reshape your Mobile DevOps.

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What you’ll learn

  • Challenges: Navigate through common (and not-so-common) challenges faced by mobile app developers.
  • Trouble-free troubleshooting: Discover how Bitrise Insights simplifies troubleshooting and accelerates problem resolution.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Learn how your team can achieve enhanced collaboration and productivity with clear, actionable data.
  • Unlocking efficiency: Explore how detailed insights and breakdown charts enhance your development efficiency.
  • Effortless monitoring: Dive into the world of proactive prioritization with Alerts and Bottlenecks to stay ahead of issues.
Note: Bitrise Insights is an add-on feature and available only to users already utilizing Bitrise as their CI/CD platform.

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