5 top tips to improve your mobile app monitoring process

Based on learnings from 1,600 Mobile DevOps Assessment responses

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The world’s first benchmarks from 1600+ teams

We recently published the results of the Mobile DevOps Assessment survey in our annual report: How to measure and improve your Mobile DevOps maturity. The report showcased the benchmarks at the 4 key Mobile DevOps stages: Creation, Testing, Deployment, and Monitoring as well as defining a ‘top performer’ vs an ‘average performer’.

Now we’ve taken that one step further and created four fact sheets based on the key stages of the app delivery process. Delve into the final phase of the app delivery process in this fact sheet: monitoring.

What you’ll learn

  • How long ‘top performers’ take to release a bug fix after releasing a new version of their app
  • How top-performing app teams monitor and fix vs. average-performing app teams
  • 5 top tips to improve your app monitoring process

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