Mobile DevOps Assessment, 2023

How to measure and improve your Mobile DevOps maturity

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The world’s first benchmarks from 1600+ teams

Last year we unleashed the Mobile DevOps Assessment survey to the mobile app developer world. The results are in and they’re providing app teams with actionable benchmarks to aspire to (or showing them that they’re already a top-performing app team!)

We’ve collected all the data to create 5 key Mobile DevOps benchmarks as well as giving industry insights into popular questions like ‘what is the most popular cross-platform framework?’ or ‘what percentage of teams use code generation tools’. Download the report now to receive the results, as well as lots of free resources that will help take your team from average performer status to top performer.

What you’ll learn

  • Metrics that will enable you to set measurable goals and performance benchmarks for your team (and compare you to other high-performing apps in the industry).
  • Quick wins. We’ll highlight the Mobile DevOps performance metrics that are likely to drive the most business impact for your mobile team, quickly.
  • Heaps of resources. We don’t just want to show you stats from high-performing teams, we want to arm you with resources that will help you get there.

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