Protecting Mobile Apps the DevOps Way

Why Mobile Apps Need a Unique Security Approach

Duration: 45-minutes + Q&A

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About this webinar

Does your mobile DevOps team have an automated approach to ensuring your app is protected and secure each time you release it? In this webinar, Gen Citro, Enterprise Solutions Architect here at Bitrise, discusses why doing just that is critical, with special guest and mobile security expert Karen Hsu, SVP of Mobile DevOps & Security Solutions at Appdome.

Appdome is a cyber defense automation platform for Android and iOS apps. Bitrise partners with Appdome to ensure our customers have the right tools to ensure their apps are secure.

Almost every study on mobile apps shows a significant growth in usage and impact. An increase in app usage however means apps are more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Within hours of a mobile app’s release, hackers attack the app and by the time fraud is identified in transactions, it’s too late. While every organization aspires to a predictable software development cycle, the challenge is delivering secure apps without disrupting or delaying that predictable cycle.

Meet our speakers

Gen Citro
 Enterprise Solutions Consultant for EMEA at Bitrise

Gen started out as a Solutions Engineer in adtech specializing in programmatic ad delivery to mobile, video, and web environments.

He then spent 10 years at Google, first as a business technology consultant and then as a manager of teams across Northern Europe, advising the world’s biggest brands how to maximize the potential of cloud, SaaS, and Big Data.

Karen Hsu
SVP Mobile DevOps & Security Solutions at Appdome

Karen’s focus is on automating the protection of mobile apps right inside the DevOps pipeline. She co-founded BlockchainIntel to identify fraud in ACH, credit card and crypto transactions, becoming part of Appdome to extend the mission of protecting people and companies from bad actors. With over 25 years of experience in tech, Karen is co-inventor of 5 patents and has led teams for security, Web3, Cloud Data Management, and CRM platforms. Karen has a B.S. in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University. Karen also co-founded Blockchain by Women to provide a platform for discussing security and risk mitigation while pursuing new opportunities in the industry.

What you’ll learn

  • How an automated approach can ensure apps are secure without requiring manual processes like developers refactoring code after vulnerabilities are identified.
  • How to automate remediation with Appdome in Bitrise workflows.
  • The unique security challenges for mobile apps that require specific protections
  • How to build, test, release and monitor all protections through one combined platform, Appdome + Bitrise, for continuous security throughout the DevOps lifecycle.
  • How different priorities for cyber and dev teams cause conflict when protecting apps in the DevOps lifecycle. Security scans can create conflict around whether to refactor or release. Monitoring exposes active threats, forcing organizations to respond immediately.

Who should attend

  • Mobile engineers

  • QA, test engineers, and SDETs

  • Mobile engineering managers

  • Security engineers

  • DevOps engineers