The Role of CI on Mobile Development

Duration: 30 minutes

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About this Discussion

In this unique X Spaces chat between Bitrise Sales Engineering Tech Lead, Tamás Bazsonyi and industry expert/iOS engineer Antoine van der Lee, dive into crucial topics surrounding Continuous Integration (CI) and the readiness of Xcode Cloud. The discussion covered various aspects pivotal for developers and teams aiming to streamline their development processes.

Meet our speakers

Tamás Bazsonyi

 Sales Engineering Tech Lead @ Bitrise

Antoine van der Lee

Staff Engineer & iOS Developer bij WeTransfer

What we cover

  • Is Xcode Cloud ready for adoption?
  • What makes a good CI platform?
  • The importance of having an up-to-date Xcode on CI
  • How does Antoine solve flaky tests on CI?
  • What if CI fails but your tests succeed locally?