About this webinar

Fueled by Google and an amazing community, Flutter is continuously evolving and growing ever more in its popularity. Join Matt Carroll, Mariano Zorilla, Remi Rousselet, Simon Lightfoot and our host, Matthew Jones for this free virtual roundtable discussion and learn about the state of Flutter in 2020, and where it’s likely to go next. During this session, we’ll dive into topics ranging from adopting and growing Flutter to best practices, challenges, and the community behind Flutter.

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What you'll learn

  • Adoption & Growth of Flutter Development
  • Packages and Plugins
  • Flutter Dependency Philosophy and Tooling
  • Supporting iOS 14 and Xcode 12 with Flutter
  • Flutter UI — Making responsive interfaces and setting up animations
  • Future of Flutter — What’s next?

Meet the Speakers and Host

Simon Lightfoot

Flutter Developer

Simon has been programming for 20+ years of which 11 years have been specifically with Android, and Mobile Apps, working on projects from small start-ups to larger corporates. In late 2017 he was introduced to Flutter and has not looked back. Now with 3 years of Flutter development experience he has started Flutter Community and Flutter Study Group with others and leads community efforts to grow Flutters audience.

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Matt Carroll

YouTuber, Content Creator

Matt is a former member of the Flutter team who is currently working on spreading Flutter adoption through Flutter education, corporate training, and indie development. He publishes free Flutter education on YouTube, produces Flutter content on his own platform, and works with Very Good Ventures to train corporate teams about the foundations of getting started with Flutter. Matt believes that a world full of Flutter is a better world for everyone.

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Rémi Rousselet

Maintainer of 'provider' & 'flutter_hooks'.

A software engineer passionated in Flutter. Maintainer of 'provider' & 'flutter_hooks'. Deeply in love with Flutter, Remi spends a lot of time exchanging with the flutterverse. He particularly stands out with his presence on StackOverflow, with well over 800 answers to Flutter questions.

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Mariano Zorrilla

Tech Lead at Venmo

Besides managing a team of engineers over mobile platforms and backend server side at one of the world’s leading fintech apps, he also founded — and gives talks at — the SFXP San Francisco Cross Platform Community events.

Matthew Robert Jones

Matthew is an obsessed Flutter fanboy. His introduction to the framework came while he was the sole developer at a non-profit organization. They needed a brand new mobile app for iOS and Android in just four months. The project was super successful thanks in large part to how powerful, flexible, and accessible Flutter is. As a Senior Customer Engineer at Bitrise, Matthew has the opportunity to help other folks be successful using Flutter and CI/CD. He considers it to be pretty much "the best gig ever".

Raphael Leal Carletti

iOS Developer, @Farfetch

Raphael is passionate about architecture, everything that makes his life easier, and video games. He works as a software developer in Farfetch.

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