Unblock Engineers. Use data-driven insights. Know what to prioritize.

Duration: 40 minutes

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About this webinar

How do you pinpoint your slowest builds or identify which tests are consistently holding you back from releasing on time? Join Kaushal Vyas, Product Manager here at Bitrise, for his 30 minute webinar as he gives you a tour of Bitrise Insights: the one-stop dashboard that provides a complete overview of your CI/CD health.

Remove bottlenecks so you can build great apps faster. View key stats on successful build times, build failure rates, total duration of builds, build count, and credit spend.

In this on-demand webinar, Kausha takes you through how Bitrise Insights gives you visibility into build, test, and credit data, as well as granular filter options like exact build times for workflows, and time duration, troublesome dependencies are not only easy to spot but directly lead you to where performance is impacted.

Meet our speakers

Kaushal Vyas, Product Manager at Bitrise

Kaushal looks after a line of products at Bitrise that includes Bitrise Insights. Kaushal enjoys inventing cool solutions to painful customer problems. He sees himself as an enabler for people and processes. Kaushal brings in his experiences leading popular mobile products with millions of users.

What you’ll learn

  • Seeing the big picture

    - Key stats on successful build times, build failure rate, total duration of builds, and build count
    - Visibility into your build, test, and credit data

  • Digging deeper into the details

    - How to prioritize the most troublesome issues by digging into negative trends
    - How to remove bottlenecks from your CI/CD pipeline

  • Letting Bitrise do the prioritization for you

    - Bottlenecks
    - Alerts

Who should attend

  • Mobile engineers

  • Engineer Teams

  • DevOps engineers

  • Members of the DevOps community