Release Management: Automated release management for mobile apps

For teams wanting to do away with the complicated, chaotic, and disparate tool stacks of mobile app releases, there’s Bitrise’s Release Management. As the only CI/CD solution equipped with integrated release management, Bitrise not only streamlines the deployment process but ensures seamless and efficient release cycles.

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Why choose Bitrise’s Release Management?

  • Transparency: A turnkey solution from complex to clear release processes for all stakeholders involved in the release process.
  • Automation: Release automation minimizes errors, saves time, and helps you release more frequently.
  • A centralized solution: Manage all your app releases from one centralized platform.

Deep dive into Bitrise’s Release Management

  • Make the complicated, uncomplicated: Discover how we tackle release challenges and blockers to simplify the release process.
  • Quicker time to market: Automated tasks, reduced errors, and a streamlined flow.
  • Control at your fingertips: A centralized, user-friendly control panel that assists with everything from beta distribution, release notifications, releasing to production, feature flags, and more.
  • Teamwork made easy: Foster teamwork with tools designed for agile release cycles.
*Bitrise’s Release Management is an add-on exclusively available for Bitrise CI/CD platform users.

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